Chicks in Crisis is a pregnancy and parenting family resource center located in Elk Grove, CA. Our goal is to keep parents in school in hope that they become responsible and self-supporting adults/parents.

The purpose of our program is to help parents while they are in school so they can focus on their education and not worry about the basic necessities for their children (diapers, wipes, clothing and hygiene items.)

SERVICES: NEW POLICY, EFFECTIVE 1/10/23: If you are in need of services, please bring your ID card and the medical insurance cards for the children you need assistance for (under 5). If you are enrolled in high school or a college or trade school with a minimum of 6 units, we can assist you every 30 days with diapers, wipes, formula, hygiene and other items we have on hand at the time of your visit. If you are NOT currently enrolled in school, we can help you ONE-TIME PER CALENDAR YEAR.

******Please note: You must bring your ID and insurance cards to every visit, otherwise we will be unable to assist you. You also MUST maintain family size – if you go on to have additional children while in our program, we will be unable to assist you. Proof of school enrollment (a minimum of 6 units) will be required AT EACH VISIT. The goal of our program is that you become responsible, self-sufficient and self-supporting parents and do not add to your family until you are financially able to do so.

DONATIONS: Currently, we are ONLY accepting children’s clothing (summer/fall season sizes newborn – kids 7/8), diapers, wipes, formula and full-size hygiene items, as well as monetary donations and gift cards for gas, fast food restaurants, Walmart, Target, grocery stores, etc. We cannot take adult clothing, used breastpumps, cribs, mattresses, carseats, stuffed animals, playpens, bassinets or other furniture due to liability. Donations are accepted during office hours, currently Tuesday and Thursday from 10-4.

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We hope you all stay safe and healthy!

The “Chicks” of CiC,

Inez & Marya

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What We Do

Chicks in Crisis is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization based in Elk Grove, California offering pregnancy, parenting and adoption services. With a mission to help families cross the finish line, CiC:

  • Supports more than 500 people every month and offers mothers and fathers help with prenatal care, parenting assistance, clothing, baby supplies, essential items, resources and referrals for other services/programs
  • Acts as birth mother advisors and facilitates open adoption placements into loving homes across California and the United States
  • Directly reduces the number of infants facing abandonment, foster care, abuse, or even death
  • Assists with court-ordered supervised visits for a fee at our beautiful Ranch or other agreed upon off-site location
  • Offers use of the beautiful ranch for weddings, parties, celebrations of life for a donation-based fee (click here for more information)

Chicks in Crisis is committed to helping serve and support the young parenting community of Elk Grove, CA and the surrounding areas to ensure they finish their education, do not become dependent on the welfare system and avoid their children entering foster care. CiC recognizes their efforts by providing essential items for their children free of charge as they work towards creating a bright future for themselves and for their families.

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, in the garage of the “Chick in Charge”, Inez Whitlow, Chicks in Crisis is widely known throughout the Greater Sacramento area as the organization to contact for pregnant teens and young parents in crisis.

Our Programs

Are you pregnant, scared and considering adoption? We can help! Our birth mother advisors are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have.

Our mission is to help families cross the finish line and support parents who are continuing their education. As an incentive to stay in school, we will provide diapers, wipes and clothing for the length of school enrollment as long as family size is also maintained.

Are you an adoptive parent searching to adopt a newborn baby? Our team of adoption professionals are here to help you create a personalized adoption plan that is right for you! For over two decades, Chicks in Crisis has been one of the premier domestic adoption facilitators in the Greater Sacramento area, specializing in both independent and collaborative agency adoptions.

Healthy Living & Healthy Environment


We take volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am – 4pm. All work is performed outside and consists of yard work, sorting donations, etc. Please dress in weather appropriate clothing and wear closed-toed shoes. Must be in good physical condition, able to lift 25 lbs and over the age of 14.

The Ranch is an urban oasis and a one-stop shop for young parents in need of baby supplies. Everything on the Ranch has a new reason for life. What once was a dilapidated, overrun property has been transformed into a colorful and abundant place of healing.

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