Healthy Living Programs

The Ranch

An urban oasis and a one-stop shop for at-risk foster youth

The Ranch – a former working farm in the midst of suburban Elk Grove – has quickly become an urban oasis and safe haven for girls and young women in crisis, many of whom are low-income, pregnant, and parenting, in the foster care system, homeless, sex trafficking victims, and/or recovering from recent addictions and abusive relationships. At the same time, the larger community has embraced it as a treasured resource, providing thousands of hours of volunteer work and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated materials to turn The Ranch from a dilapidated, overrun property into a colorful and abundant place of healing.

The perfect place for court-ordered supervised visits

Located right off of Highway 99 in Elk Grove, the Ranch is a comfortable, peaceful and relaxed setting and the perfect location for court-ordered supervised visits. Our Visitation Monitors are focused on ensuring a great experience for the whole family and help encourage interaction between family members in a comfortable, safe and secure environment. We offer flexible hours during the evening and weekends to accommodate the schedules of busy parents and children. For inquiries, please click the button or call us at 916-441-1243 and someone will respond within 2 business days.

Healthy Environment – CORAL

“You enjoy it so don’t destroy it!”

CORAL – Clean Oceans, Rivers and Lakes, is one of CiC’s healthy living/healthy environment programs. Led by David Foat, son of CiC founder Inez Whitlow, CORAL’s mission is to reduce the amount of trash entering our oceans, rivers and lakes by being an organization that strives to be the first line of defense to preserve, promote and educate the public for a clean environment for generations to come.

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