Mission Statement

To provide classes and workshops that create a challenging learning environment and encourage high expectations for success. Our goal is to enhance, educate and motivate the lives of all young women and men to become responsible parents, financially independent and able to give back to their communities. This is accomplished by focusing on graduating high school, maintaining family size and continuing on to secondary education.

Project LIFT

Project LIFT (Living Independently for Tomorrow) is designed to provide a supportive learning environment where pregnant girls, women and young men can begin to eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency and employment. All of the workshops are interactive and participants have the opportunity to practice and refine their skills.

Project LIFT covers the following six main themes:

  1. Knowledge is Power – Through our Teen Mom Program, we provide an overview of the future of public assistance and how pending legislation affects participants. Participants identify, develop, and create a plan to meet school, employment, and personal goals as well as learn about various areas of support and local resources to create a personal resource book.
  2. Employment – Participants will learn how to conduct a successful job search and complete job applications. Participants receive assistance creating a resume, cover letter, and list of references. This class also discusses professional work habits and etiquette including how to dress professionally and appropriately for interviews and while working on the job. Participants also receive an opportunity to practice job interviewing through mock interviews. Other areas of discussion include choosing and paying for child care. The program also helps participants to identify individual barriers to self-sufficiency and employ-ability.
  3. Finance – Topics covered include how to open and manage a checking and savings account, how to create and maintain a budget, and the pros/cons of credit cards and fraud.
  4. Legal Issues – Participants will receive information on laws pertaining to pregnant girls and women’s rights and responsibilities and how to avoid involvement from Child Protective Services (CPS). Landlord and tenant issues are also covered including Fair Housing and locating free or low cost legal services. Laws pertaining to domestic violence are also discussed. These services on provided one on one based on individual needs of the student.
  5. Healthy Living – This class teaches the importance of medical/dental care, hygiene, and provides information on infant medical issues including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), asthma, and the importance of immunization. A wide range of sexuality issues are also discussed. Students can participate in workshops that cover basic cooking skills, menu planning, creating shopping lists, and feeding your family on a budget. Lastly, participants receive information on various family support resources including Healthy Families, WIC (the special supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children), Parents Anonymous, and WEAVE.
  6. Child Development – This class provides an overview of child development and identifies what is and isn’t age appropriate behavior and milestones. Participants also learn how to develop a healthy relationship with children’s fathers to support effective parenting.

Amber’s Closet

Need diapers, wipes, formula and/or clothing? It is with great honor that we named the core program of CiC after this angel – Amber’s Closet.

Amber’s Closet is FREE to clients who are referred by other local agencies or walk-ins and provides diapers, wipes, formula and baby clothing as well as toiletries and other miscellaneous items.

You may only come to Amber’s Clothes Closet once every 60 days (every 30 days if in school). We help approximately 400 household members every month; therefore, we limit the number of times we can help to ensure other clients receive what they need. No appointment necessary, but check our office hours first to ensure we’re open.

Last year, CiC served 3,058 households, 1,467 children, distributed 32,298 diapers, 45,172 baby wipes, 32,287 clothing items and 1,198 cans of formula.