Are you pregnant, scared and considering adoption?

“Adoption is the hardest thing you will probably ever do in your life. You feel like your heart is being ripped out. But if you are doing it for all the right reasons your life will be truly blessed forever.”
Laura Gladden – Birth Mother

Chicks in Crisis (CiC) is dedicated to assisting pregnant teens and women (of any age) by creating a personalized adoption plan based on what is important to them. We respect you and your baby and understand that adoption is your choice and your decision to make.

If you do decide to partner with Chicks in Crisis, we promise your voice will be heard. We’ll create an adoption plan just for you and your baby’s future.

Our birth mother advisors are available 24 hours a day and are problem solvers who will put your wishes and your health first. They will be on your side every step of the way and can provide immediate assistance with living expenses, housing, medical care, legal problems and counseling needs while you prepare for delivery.

Chicks in Crisis has a long list of wonderful families waiting to adopt and love your baby. We promise that any family you consider from CiC will be an excellent choice.

Check out the FAQ’s below and call 916-275-6699 today to discuss your options with a birth mother advisor. We’re here to help you ~ no question is off limits.

“You have just done one of the most courageous acts ever, be proud of that. Use the strength you have earned to go forward and be a positive influence to others and the world around you. ”
Jenny Treanor – Birth Mother

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re searching for the perfect family for your baby, have questions about living expenses or post placement, look no further – we can help you overcome those fears by always answering your questions honestly.

  • Does this cost me anything? No! There is no cost to you for the adoption. The adoptive family you select will pay for any costs related to the adoption process.
  • What happens once I pick my adoptive family? Once you choose a family and you’re ready to move forward with your adoption plan, it is considered a “match.” If you choose to, you can speak with your adoptive family on a regular basis until the baby is born. We can arrange to meet with your adoptive family and spend time getting to know each other.
  • What’s the difference between adoption and foster care? YOU! You have the opportunity to keep your baby from the foster care system by choosing your baby’s family. In foster care, you have no say, no contact – in open adoption, you have contact and the child knows how much you loved them by choosing a family to give them the future you know they deserve.
  • Can I choose my adoptive parents? Yes, absolutely! Remember, it’s your baby, your adoption plan. You choose the adoptive parents and have contact throughout the pregnancy. You can tell us what is important to you in a family and we will present you with profiles of families that match your preferences.
  • What if I have an open CPS case? If you have an open CPS case and they plan on taking your baby into custody, you can make an adoption plan before birth or before you leave the hospital. It’s your right to say where your baby goes, we can help you have that voice and make a plan you can be proud of. Pick your baby’s parents before the county picks them for you!
  • Will my child go to the County or foster care? No! Your child will go home directly with the adoptive family you selected.
  • Can the adoptive family help me financially? Yes, they can! California allows for adoptive parents to help with pregnancy related expenses. Our adoption attorney will create a budget and pay your expenses out of a trust account. If you are 7 months or further along, your rent, food, transportation, clothing and cell phone bill can be covered up to 6 weeks after delivery.
  • What happens when I go into labor? Give us a call! If you need a ride to the hospital, someone will pick you up. If you have selected a family prior to going into labor, we will make sure they get to the hospital.
  • Will I have contact with the adoptive family after I leave the hospital? It’s your choice, if you want to then YES, if not then we will respect your choice.Before the baby is born, we will sit down and create a post placement adoption agreement contract which will outline future contact regarding phone calls, pictures and letters – it will be filed with the adoption petition and becomes a valid contract.
  • Will anyone find out about the adoption? No way! Adoption proceedings are confidential. Who you tell is your choice. It is not up to us to tell anyone your private business. Adoption records are sealed, therefore, no one can pay for a record search – they don’t exist to the general public.